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Fast Little Loans Online

Allot of people over the years have been very reluctant to apply online. The trend towards online application has been growing and that is surely the case with as well in South Africa.

They have been in South Africa for the last few years and since it’s two South Africans that started the company in the UK, it only seems logical to bring to South Africa as well.

Wonga is a short term loan company focusing on little loans as such, which provides people with an option to get a loan of up to R2500 and all you have to do is to simply complete on the online application form.

Wonga has tapped into a relatively untapped market through their innovative thinking and user-friendly website, which enables users to apply online and receive the funds into their bank account very quickly.

They brand awareness has been excellent and allot of people simply know Wonga as and South Africa is starting to sit up and notice what they are doing, since they are making inroads into the huge South African market.

More and more people are almost getting use to the slogan by Wonga, which off course is fast little loans. This slogan has become synonymous with Wonga and once you mention that key phrase, users immediately know that you are talking about Wonga.

With their unique product offering of small loans, people apply online for a loan of up to R2500. All you need to do is to complete the online application form and you sit back and wait and see if you are approved. Once approved, the funds are transferred to your account and you can login into your account to see the state of your account.

This process is quick and efficient and offers people the opportunity to apply by sitting on their couch and have the find within the bank account without any hassle.

Wonga is truly the king of fast little loans and indeed the loan process is very fast and if you are looking for an instant loan, be sure to use Wonga. Login (South Africa)

We have been receiving allot of request related where to login to view their Wonga account. We can let you know that you do need to visit the official Wonga website and then click on the login button located at the right of the screen.

Wonga has made it very easy for the customers to login and view their account and with more and more people signing up; this feature will become very handy in the coming years.

When you login you can view your account and Wonga tries to give the consumer as much information as possible, so that they are familiar with the account status and to apply for an additional loan. Current clients of Wonga can apply for a follow up loan of up to R8000 and this is much higher than the R2500 they offer for first time lenders.

If you do have any trouble to login into your Wonga account, you can also contact them for assistance with this and they will be glad to assist you.

Please find the contact details below for Wonga:

Phone:0861 WONGA 1 (0861 966421)

Email: or

Wonga is always there to assist and you can contact them with any query related to your account or additional loans that you might require.

They also offer a help page on their website, where you read answers to questions people have asked before, so be sure to have a look at that because you might find your answer there and then you do not have to go through the process of phoning them. Either way, let them know and contact us if you do need help to get in touch with Wonga regarding your account.

Wonga Contact Details (South Africa)

We have been getting allot of requests about the contact details for Wonga and that is why decided to let you know the easiest and best way to contact them directly.

Please find the contact details below for Wonga:

Phone:0861 WONGA 1 (0861 966421)

Email: or

Wonga provides excellent customer service and be sure to contact them with any loan related issues you might have.

Please note that we are not Wonga and only provide information about the company and you do need to contact them directly with any issues related to loans or repayments.

Wonga South Africa

Wonga was originally started by two South Africans in the UK and it was only a matter of time before they brought Wonga to South Africa.

They are truly one of the most innovative loan companies in the world today and with Wonga setting up in the UK, Canada and South Africa, they almost seem to take over the world.

Wonga South Africa has been doing very well and with their user-friendly website, other loan companies have been following them as the leaders in the industry. With over one million loans offered in South Africa, they just seem to go from strength to strength.

For anyone looking for a fast little loan in South Africa, be sure to look at Wonga for your fast little loan.

We have all seen the adverts on television and heard the ads on radio, but we still get requests from people on what website address to use for Wonga. They often refer to in their ads and you will get to the website, but you can also use, since that is the official local website for Wonga.

If you do type in, you will redirect to the local domain of, so basically you can use both to get to Wonga.

They have tried to keep the process as simple as possible for anyone to apply online and there are a few criteria that you need to adhere to before you can apply, so read through the terms and conditions before applying to make sure that you are familiar with the terms as well as the requirements they stipulate.

Their very user-friendly website and mobi site gives anyone the opportunity to visit their responsive website to get the information they require or to apply online securely.

Fast Little Loans

Welcome to Fast Little Loans and here we will be featuring the best little loans online in South Africa. More than just an information site, we will be providing links to the best loan companies, thus making it easy for you to apply online.

Fast Little loans were created with the idea to help people who are looking for a small loan and the best option by far in our view is Wonga. Wonga has been around for a good couple of years and Wonga has been making amazing strides in South Africa and they are currently the best small loan option in South Africa.

We will be adding new and existing new loan option regularly, so be sure to check back weekly to see what new loan offers and news we have available for you on fast little loans.

Wonga is steadily becoming the only name when considering fast little loans in South Africa. Wonga is a very strong company and brand in South Africa and more than 93% of their South African customers say that they will use Wonga again. This astonishing fact just shows the fact that customers are happy with their service and what they offer in terms of loans in South Africa.

With their very user-friendly website, you can sit in your office or at home and apply online without any hassle. You simply need to complete the online application form and wait and see if you are approved. Once you are approved, the funds will be transferred to you and you just have to repay the loan amount with interest on the specified date you selected at the start of the application process.

If you are looking for a fast little loan, you know who we recommend, so be sure to check them out. If you look at Wonga in South Africa, they have been growing from strength to strength over the last couple of years and that is why we decided to what in our opinion makes then one of the most successful companies in South Africa today.

They have a winning recipe which is basically convenience and efficiency. If you look at the 4 listed features of Wonga, you see that they have all their bases covered in terms of making it as easy as possible for anyone to apply online.

1. You can apply online for an instant loan. That is off course one of the most convenient ways of getting through the loan process and this itself makes it so convenient for users to sit on their couch and apply for a loan online.

2. You get a quick decision from Wonga and you will be asked to upload payslips or bank statements as proof of income.

3. Wonga is known to be transparent and thus they show you all the upfront charges related to your loan beforehand, so there are no hidden charges.

4. Lastly they also have their mobi site, which makes it very convenient for users to apply online, if they only have access through their smartphone and thus making the target audience so much bigger.

We can truly recommend Wonga and they have certainly set the benchmark in the instant loan arena in South Africa.