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Fast Little Loans

Many people might be reluctant to apply for a loan online – however, consumers in South Africa have become far more comfortable with applying online; and much of that reason is thanks to the great experience offered by Wonga.

Wonga was first started by two South Africans in the United Kingdom, who later returned to bring their offering back to the South African market.

Wonga is a short-term credit provider that focuses on offering little loans. New customers can apply to borrow up to R4000, while returning customers can apply to borrow up to R8000.

Wonga has tapped into a relatively new market through their innovative thinking and user-friendly website, which enables users to apply online and receive the funds into their bank account very quickly. South Africa is starting to take notice of what Wonga is doing, since they are making inroads into the huge South African market at great pace.

With their fantastic product offering, all customers need to do to apply for an online loan is complete an online application form, upload either a recent payslip or bank statement, and then sit back and wait and see if they are approved. Once approved, the funds are transferred into a chosen bank account as quickly as possible.

This process is fast, efficient and offers customers the opportunity to apply in the comfort of their own home and have their cash in their bank account without any hassle.

Wonga is truly the king of fast little loans and offers one of the best experiences on the market – so if you’re looking for a great short-term loan product, look no further than Wonga (