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Applying for a flexible loan with Wonga is easy.

You decide how much money you need and when you want to repay it. Visit Wonga at and use the sliders on the homepage to decide exactly how much cash you need and after how many days or months you’d like to repay. The full cost of your loan is shown upfront.

New Wonga customers can apply for a loan of up to R4000, while existing customers can apply for a loan of up to R8000 with up to 6 months to repay.

Should you experience any trouble logging into your Wonga account, or if you need to contact them for any assistance, their Customer Support Team will gladly assist you.

Please find the contact details below:

Phone: 0861 966 421

Email: or

The Wonga team is always happy to assist should you have any queries related to your loan application or account.

Wonga also has a useful help page on their website, where you will find answers to questions that you may have.